The Best Heated Gloves


These heated gloves earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute due to their heating effectiveness, ease of use, and superior coverage. On their highest setting, the Best model increased temperature by 75.8° F, while lesser units only rose by 34.2° F. Rated as the easiest gloves to use, it was the only pair that displayed the percentage of battery life and had a simple plug and charge operation. Unlike inferior models that were panned by analysts for “no heat in the thumb”, the Best Heated Gloves were lauded for providing heat “throughout the entire glove.” Cinches at the cuff keep heat in and cold out, and the waterproof gloves are insulated and have a soft tricot lining that panelists described as “very comfortable.” A press of the glove’s large button changes the temperature to one of three levels.