The Pinchless Electrolysis Hair Remover


This is the home electrolysis wand with a smooth-rolling ball tip that removes hair without the painful pinching of needle electrolysis or the expense of laser treatments. Employing the same technology used by professionals, the wand allows for electrolysis hair removal at home, transmitting a harmless electrical current that, with regular use, destroys germative hair cells, preventing the hair from ever growing back. Within 60 days of regular 1 1/2-11-minute treatments followed by tweezing, users will see a noticeable decrease in unwanted hair on the face, underarms, legs, or bikini line. Unlike laser treatments that are ineffective on light-colored hair, this wand removes any color hair. An LED lights up when the roller tip contacts the skin correctly to ensure the most effective treatment. Includes six reusable conductive gel pads to treat larger areas, two interchangeable roller tips, pre-application cleansing gel, conductive gel, tweezers, soft carrying case, and two AAA batteries.


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