The Serious Emergency Floodlight


This is the flashlight that provides all the tools essential for coexisting with natural disasters. Its LED flashlight floods areas with a 2,175-lumen output at its brightest setting (1,330 medium setting; 72 lowest setting) with a beam distance of 220 meters, twice the length of a football field. Located on both sides of its body, the LED lantern provides 326 lumens at high (176 medium; 85 low) and can display white or red LEDs in all three modes. The lantern’s LEDs also can flash SOS in Morse Code, providing an emergency beacon function; the lights can also pulse and flash in low-visibility conditions. Its IPX7 rating provides just over 3′ of water resistance and its aircraft aluminum exterior and sturdy interior structure can withstand drops up to 10′. Rated for over 500 charging cycles, its rechargeable battery provides up to seven hours of light at the flashlight’s highest lumen output (up to 44 hours at low). The endcap that protects the integrated USB charging cable housed therein also serves as a stable base when used as a lantern.


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