Trick To Making Flower Bouquets Last TWICE As Long

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved having flowers in the house.

The striking blue of Hydrangeas…

The sweet scent of Lilies…

And since I’ve started spending more time around the house (first because of the pandemic, then because I retired), I really count on having fresh flowers around to brighten up my home and boost my mood.

I absolutely love how my kitchen table looks with a bright bouquet in the middle. It makes me smile whenever I walk in there. It’s small, but to me, that bright little moment can make all the difference in my day.

But sadly, with the price of food and gas going up, I’ve had to cut down on small pleasures… and that means I’ve stopped buying flowers as often.

Especially when the petals start to wilt after just three or four days…

It’s hard to justify spending $20 or $30 a week on a bouquet!

I started buying them less and less, and I was about ready to give up on flowers completely.

But recently, I had some friends over… and my friend Anne gave me a tip that changed everything.

She noticed my Peonies were looking a little limp. I told her I’d tried everything to keep them fresh, but no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get my flowers to last for much longer than a week.

I sadly don’t have the time and energy to take care of them all the time, so I looked for tricks to help them last longer without much-added effort.

I tried Sprite. I tried the apple cider vinegar bleach mix thing. I even tried aspirin, which supposedly lowers the pH level of the water.

But still, my flowers consistently turned into an ugly, decomposing mess after about a week.

Luckily, Anne is an avid gardener with a green thumb… and after I explained all the tricks I’d tried, she told me the problem was most likely bacteria.

Because as it turns out, flowers CAN last longer than seven days – but only under the right conditions.

As Anne explained, the real reason flowers die so quickly is because bacteria clog the stems, making it nearly impossible for the flowers to absorb fresh water and nutrients.

Just one day of bad absorption and poof: The petals start wilting.

Luckily, Anne Had the Solution To My Sad Little Flower Problem.

She’s always up to date on the latest gardening innovations and techniques, so I was relieved when she said she had a suggestion for me.

Anne recommended a new type of flower vase called the Amaranth Vase. She said the brand-new vase uses a brilliant design that can make your flowers last TWICE as long.

This simple, yet beautiful vase reduces bacteria in ways regular vases simply can’t.

See, for years I thought I could refresh the water and cut my stems every few days.

But with how fast bacteria builds up, Anne said I should be cutting them almost every day.

Fortunately, as I was about to find out, the Amaranth Vase makes it super easy to take “perfect care” of my flowers. In fact, it’s so easy, Amaranth practically takes care of my bouquet for me!

I Ordered the Amaranth Vase Right Away… And Here’s What Happened After I Put It To The Test:

After years of watching my flowers wilt in a matter of days, I could not be happier I ordered the Amaranth Vase.

Mainly because, unlike in the past, my flowers now last between 12 to 18 days!

I’ll admit, even after ordering I was skeptical.

After all, by the time you get your flowers, they’ve already been cut from their roots. I always assumed they shouldn’t last very long for this reason, no matter how well I took care of them.

But lo and behold, I tested the Amaranth vase with a bouquet of Peonies Vs. my conventional glass vase.

Here’s what happened over the first week:

Yup – after 1 week, the flowers in the Amaranth Vase still looked and smelled like new whereas the ones in in my normal glass vase began to stink, fall and wilt.

I couldn’t believe it. The Amaranth bouquet ended up lasting for 16 days in total! And they still looked rather healthy when I got rid of them… no smell or mold at all:

Then it tried it again with a Hibiscus and Poppy bouquet. Sure enough, that one lasted for 13 days when they usually last about 8. I was totally shocked – especially since it was so easy!

How To Use The Amaranth Vase To Double The Life Of Your Flowers:

To get the most out of your bouquet, all you have to do is follow the simple maintenance steps that Amaranth makes incredibly easy and quick:

  1. Set the vase over your sink and twist to drain the water out.
  2. Twist off the bottom to trim the stems
  3. Twist the bottom back on and refill the water

That’s it – now your flowers are bacteria-free and ready to live their longest, happiest life!

For me, the whole process takes less than 60 seconds, yet this small addition to my routine has kept my flowers lasting nearly twice as long.

Even better, it’s very neat and tidy. I no longer get water, flower petals, and debris all over the counter when I’m taking care of my flowers.

It’s safe to say that thanks to the Amaranth Vase since my flowers are lasting longer, I’ve now cut my flower bill in half.

(Meaning I no longer have to give up this simple pleasure that makes me so happy.)

Oh, and did I mention that the vase itself is stunningly beautiful?!

Yup. The marble-infused vase has a gorgeous stone-like texture, making it the perfect accompaniment to any home or office setting.

Now, get this: Not only does the vase look amazing, it’s also made with shatter-proof materials… so it’s nearly indestructible!

Drop it by mistake? No problem.

In fact, it’s so strong that the creators guarantee Amaranth will never shatter, chip, or crack. If it does, they’ll replace it for free – for life!

Here’s Why I Love My Amaranth Vase So Much:

I’m loving my Amaranth, and apparently, I’m not alone – according to their website, more than 30,000 people are already using Amaranth, and it’s been featured in USA Today, Good Morning America, and The View. (I’m not sure how I missed it… I watch The View every day!)

I can totally see why Amaranth has become so popular… I only had to use it once to realize I’ll never go back to a traditional vase! There are tons of reasons why:

  • It’s Extremely Easy to Use. Gone are the days of spills and flower petals all over your countertops. Instead, I can refill my vase and trim my flowers in sixty seconds or less… right over my sink!
  • Flowers Last 2x Longer. Because the Amaranth Vase makes it so easy to trim bacteria-infested stems – while swapping out equally infested water – my flowers now last anywhere from 10-14 days. (And they don’t stink either!)
  • It’s Cut My Bouquet Bill in Half. Now that my flowers are lasting twice as long, I’m spending half of what I used to spend on bouquets. (Which is a huge help with all this inflation stuff going on.)
  • Elegant Design. It really is beautiful! And I’m not the only one who thinks so… Amaranth actually competed against a bunch of high-tech gadgets and still won the IHA Global Innovation Award and the German Design Award for its sleek, modern appearance and flower-saving capabilities.
  • Guaranteed For Life. Thanks to the marble composite thermoplastic material, Amaranth is shatter-proof. And if you somehow do manage to shatter it, they’ll replace it at any time – even 50 years from now!

Thanks to Amaranth (and my friend Anne’s advice), I can now enjoy having gorgeous fresh flowers in my home without breaking the bank.

Sadly, it took decades of droopy, wilted flowers before this brilliant innovation was finally created… but it’s here now, and that’s all that matters!

Now I experience a little extra joy every day when I catch a glimpse of my vibrant, sweet-smelling arrangement in my Amaranth Vase. If you love having fresh, lively flowers around, then you’re going to love your Amaranth too!

UPDATE AS OF August 11, 2023: I still love my Amaranth Vase. Here’s where to get the best deal on yours!

After a few months of using my Amaranth Vase, I’m happy to report my flowers still last anywhere from 10-14 days on average.

After seeing how the Amaranth Vase kept my flowers looking gorgeous, I ended up getting two more – one for my living room and one to gift to my best friend.

If you or a loved one are diehard flower lovers like I am, I cannot recommend this enough.

In fact, right now Amaranth is offering a limited time deal for first-time customers:

When you BUY 2, YOU GET 1 FREE + they’ll ship them to you FREE, too!

Trust me, you’ll want to use this for every place you put a bouquet, just like I do.

And if you don’t love your vase for any reason, just send it back for a full refund with their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

In my opinion, this is a “Must Try” if your flowers start to wilt after 3-5 days!